CENA Emergency Nursing Webinar Series

The College of Emergency Nursing Australasia have partnered with Think, Ask, Learn to deliver all fellows and members a monthly webinar series.

Each month a new presentation will be delivered live via webcast at 2000 AEST. The presentation will also be available for members to download for the 30 days following the live presentation, so if you can’t swap your shift to attend ‘live’ listen in later on for some evidence-based updates on ED care.

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2019/11/12 00:00:00

Live Session

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Ventilation strategies for the ED critically ill patient

Learning Outcomes:

  • Describe the modes of mechanical ventilation
  • Explain the commonly monitored ventilator settings
  • Briefly explain non-invasive ventilatory support
  • Discuss the major complications of mechanical ventilation with intubation

Please note the webinar will start at 2000 AEST

Please note Daylight Savings starts Sunday 6th October

Start times for each State are as follows:

Recorded Session

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Recorded Session

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Information for iPhone/iPad Users

  • The live webinar uses an Adobe product. To watch the live presentation users will need to download the free app “Adobe® Connect™ Mobile for iOS” from the app store.
  • Users then need to cut and paste the link into the app browser to access the session.
  • To watch the webinars at a later date, you will need to download a converter app (Puffin Web Browser from iTunes Store)
  • Other Mac products such as laptops and desktops are not affected by this and can be viewed through their browser. We have quite a number of people that login on iPads without any issues.

A Reflective Practice Tool is available HERE to help you gather evidence of your learning for your CPD portfolio or check out CPD apps on the CENA Resources page.

The aim of this tool is to assist you with the process of reflecting on your experience within any learning opportunity – from a formal course to an interesting event in your everyday practice.  This reflection tool may enable you to take what you learn in the webinar away with your and on into your everyday working practice.