What do the Participants say about CENA TNP?

“The overall program was very helpful and informative. Despite doing my post-grad cert I have gained knowledge and skills regarding trauma. Thank you”

(CENA TNP: Darwin, April 2018)

“Great mix of interactive discussions, provided context and simulations”

(CENA TNP: RMH, March 2018)

“The engaging delivery and up to date evidence based practice recommendations by facilitators”

(CENA TNP: Tamworth March 2018)

“It was very inclusive, open discussions and clinical scenarios so you could share your own experience plus learn from others”

(CENA TNP: Queensland, March 2017)

[What did you like the best?] “Simulation scenarios, definitely learnt a lot”

(CENA TNP: Tasmania, November 2016)

“Facilitators could answer all questions, very informative and accommodating”

(CENA TNP: Adelaide, September 2017)

“I really enjoyed the course and the way in which the instructors guided us through the learning process. I’ve used the concepts several times since completion of the course during reception of trauma patients into the ICU environment”

(CENA TNP: Queensland, April 2017)

‘Relaxed atmosphere & non-judgemental approach to teaching. Liked the discussions. Scenarios – awesome”.

(CENA TNP: Queensland, April 2017)

“Loved breaking into smaller groups to facilitate discussion”

(CENA TNP: New South Wales, August 2017)