Professional Standards

The purpose of the Professional Standards Committee is to establish and promulgate professional standards for emergency nursing practice.

Aims and objectives

The functions of the Committee shall include, but are not limited to; the following:

  • To determine, develop, maintain and promulgate the professional standards relating for emergency nursing across Australasia.
  • To maintain existing CENA professional standards, this will include review at pre-determined intervals or where new evidence necessitates changes to professional practice standards.
  • To ensure that the practice standards of the College are founded on the best available evidence and expert opinion.
  • To establish working parties and subcommittees, which includes co-opting expert advice, for the purpose of undertaking committee work
  • Establish and maintain collegial links with other relevant professional committees, working parties and professional organizations where these links serve to inform the work of the Committee

Frequency and Duration of Meetings

Meetings shall be held bimonthly throughout the year. Meetings will be conducted by teleconference or email with an annual face to face meeting scheduled to coincide with CENA International Conference. A special or extraordinary meeting may be called by:

  • Agreement of half the committee members;
  • At the request of the National Board.



Wayne Varndell Committee Chair (NSW)
Sarah-Louise Moyes Committee Co-Chair (WA)

 Terms of Reference

Download the Terms of Reference for the Professional Standards Committee