Position Statements

CENA has developed a number of position statements that define CENA’s position on standards of emergency nursing care and other matters that affect emergency nurses. The Professional Standards Committee is responsible for coordinating the drafting, review and endorsement of CENA Position Statements. This Committee and the Board identify Statements for development, prioritise them and then allocate responsibility for drafting those with highest priority to Branch Committees and other committees and subcommittees. These documents will be added here once they have been completed and endorsed by the Board.

If you are interested in contributing to the development of Position Statements please contact the Chair of the Professional Standards Committee or your Branch Committee of Management.  Click on the headings below to read more.

Definition of Emergency Service

Mechanical Ventilation

National Emergency Access Target

Nurse Practitioner Prescriptive and Referral Privilege

Triage Nurse

Triage and the Australasian Triage Scale

CENA SA Position Statement: ED Nurse Staffing in SA – Ratios & Rationales


CENA Practice Standards

The standards for the emergency nursing specialist identify areas of nursing practice and behaviours that articulate the unique characteristics of the specialty of emergency nursing.

The intention of these standards is to reflect the practice standards for emergency nursing across Australasia and to provide the basis for discussion and debate within the emergency nursing profession. These practice standards will provide the foundation for further practice development and research in emergency nursing, and lead the way to improved bench marking and best practice in emergency care.  Click here to read more.