CENA has a number of portfolios that have been established to address the aims and objectives of CENA. These portfolios are listed below with a brief outline about the work undertaken by each group. Each portfolio has representation from State and Territory Branches and may include coopted members and non-members with specific expertise. More information is available by clicking on the link.


The Administrative group are tasked with organising and maintaining CENA’s governance manual and other administrative documents. This also includes accurate minute taking and storage as required by ASIC.

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The conference organising committee, in conjunction with our contracted conference organiser Conference Design, is responsible for planning and implementing the annual CENA conference. This committee is made up of CENA members from the State in which the conference will be held and is usually formed at least 18 months before the intended conference date.

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The education committee are responsible for addressing CENAs aim to provide education for emergency nurses. This group attempt to bring evidence based education programs and resources to the members. The Committee are constantly working on ways to improve access to education for all members using technology. If you have ideas for education content or other suggestions please contact the education group via email.

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The finance committee is made up of the treasurer from each Branch and the national Finance Director. This committee oversees the financial governance and operations of the College. The committee is supported by our association accountant to ensure that CENA complies with relevant legislation


The marketing committee was established to seek opportunities to maintain and recruit CENA membership in order to provide the financial platform required to meet CENA’s organisational aims. The committee is aiming to identify opportunities for the college that promote the recruitment and retention of membership and to promote the image of the college.

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The media portfolio has been recently established by the Board to publically promote CENA’s position on issues that affect emergency nurses and their patients.

Professional Standards

The purpose of the Professional Standards Committee is to establish and promulgate professional standards for emergency nursing practice.

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Research Sub Committee

The focus of the research committee is to coordinate and direct research within the CENA in accordance with national guidelines. The committee aims to support quality research which is relevant to emergency nursing by collaborating with multidisciplinary research teams, promoting evidence based practice and incorporating findings into clinical practice and acting as a conduit for research enquiries from members or outside groups to facilitate research appropriate to goals and objectives of CENA.

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CENA TNP Steering Committee

The CENA Trauma Nursing Program (CENA TNP) Steering Committee was formed, following a call for nominations, in June 2011 and held its first meeting on the 12th July 2011. This committee will provide governance for future development for the CENA TNP and report directly to the CENA Board of Directors.

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