CENA TNP Steering Committee


Aims and objectives

The major purpose of the committee is to coordinate and direct the development of the CENA TNP; support the role of the Coordinator; provide administrative, financial and profession governance for CENA TNP; lead regular reviews of the CENA TNP; lead the curriculum design development; review the assessment aspects of the program, overall review of the program contents in line with the assessment review, development of a curriculum design document, and then further marketing of the program. The CENA Steering Committee and the CENA Board of Directors acknowledges the substantial contribution of Jane Mateer over a number of years, as the previous Coordinator and welcomes Brooke Alexander in her appointment as the new Coordinator from 1st June 2011.

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Name Branch
Julie Finucane (Chair)  QLD (Board Member)
Sue Colby  VIC (Vice President and board Member)
Brooke Alexander  CENA TNP Coordinator
Jodie Ekholm  CENA Education Chair (Director, NSW)
Sharon Johnson  CENA Member – NT
Leesa Clancy  VIC (Branch Committee of Management)
Patricia Allen  VIC (Branch Committee of Management)
Leeanne Trenning  QLD
Rebecca Weir  CENA Member – NT / VIC
Dianne Crellin  CENA Executive Director (Ex-offcio member)
Kerri Holzhauser  CENA Financial Director (Ex-offcio member)
Association Manager  Conference Design (Ex-offcio member)