What is credentialing?

Credentialing is a peer-reviewed process that acknowledges advanced standing as an Emergency Nurse.

It sets a standardised benchmark for the recognition of specialised practice and is a strategy that can be used to promote the provision of quality health care within the emergency nursing specialty.


Why become a Credentialed Emergency Nurse (CEN)?

Credentialing validates specialised knowledge, enhances professional credibility and indicates achievement of specialist nursing standards by an individual nurse.


What is the background?

CENA has been a partner in a national credentialing project for the past 4 years and this year will develop an independent program based on the specific needs of emergency nurses. During the original project, 20 emergency nurses were funded to submit applications and since the project’s end, 27 emergency nurses have been credentialed.


How do I become credentialed?

Currently the CENA program is under development so applications have temporarily been suspended. It is the hope that the new program will be launched in October, coinciding with ICEN 2018 and that applications can again be submitted after that time.


How do I learn more?

If you have any questions regarding this program, please direct your email to national@cena.org.au or contact Lorelle.malyon@cena.org.au

Credentialing Honour Board



State Date
Elizabeth Quinn Qld 13.04.16
Angela Devlin Qld 09.05.16
Julia Brownlie Qld 24.05.16
Daniel O’Neill Qld 24.05.16
Julie Humphries Qld 24.05.16
Tamara Hills Qld 24.05.16
Lee Poole Qld 25.05.16
Anne Lynam Qld 29.06.16
Lee Trenning Qld 29.06.16
Pauline Magan Qld 12.07.16
Hui (Grace) Xu Qld 25.07.16
Jodie Allen Qld 25.07.16
Leoni Bean Qld 25.07.16
Lorelle Malyon Qld 25.07.16
Maria Cruickshank Qld 25.07.16
Sophia Keeble Qld 25.07.16
Janelle McNeill Qld 09.08.16
Theona Stone Qld 06.10.16
Carley Furler Qld 10.10.16
Maree Cummins Qld 10.10.16
Elizabeth Moore Qld 10.10.16
Robynne Hartshorne Qld 10.10.16
Emily Morse Qld 13.10.16
Jason Kenneally Qld 28.11.16
Matthew Luther ACT 18.01.17
Jonathon Trigg Qld 15.03.17
Sara Syme Qld 04.04.17