Exploring stress resilience among emergency personnel

The data from the study will help the research team develop an understanding of the key elements that lead to protecting against psychological vulnerability while working in the emergency department and the role physical activity plays in reducing stress levels of staff.

If you are currently working full-time as an emergency department nurse (graduate or fully-qualified) and working ‘in the field’ (rather than working in an administrative role) you are eligible to participate. We understand that your time is limited, but we would greatly appreciate your time to complete a short 10-15 minute online survey. This survey is anonymous and voluntary.

Click the link below to participate:


Before completing the survey, you are encouraged to read the plain language statement which outlines the project in more detail. Please note you are able to withdraw from this project prior to completing the online survey, however once the survey is completed data cannot be extracted from the final data set. All data will remain confidential and anonymous. 

Federation University Australia (Ref No A17-114) and the Ethics Committees of the College of Emergency Nursing (CENA; Ref No: CENA/RC/2018/02) have approved this project.

If you have any complaints or concerns about your participation in the study that the student researcher has not been able to answer for you, you may contact the Principal Researcher Dr. Christopher Mesagno of the School of Health Sciences and Psychology. PH: (03) 5327 6136. EMAIL: c.mesagno@federation.edu.au or Associate Researcher Dr. Joanne Porter of the School of Nursing, Midwifery and Healthcare. PH: (03) 5122 6440. EMAIL: joanne.porter@federation.edu.au