Revealing the Roadblocks in STEMI management

Martin, L

STEMI management is a complex interdisciplinary process of care that requires prompt recognition of symptoms, diagnosis, then action to restore epicardial blood flow, with time delay a principal determinant of mortality. Successful treatment relies on several health agencies coordinating systems of care. Frontline clinicians play a pivotal role in this process, responsible for the first transaction of care to the suspected STEMI patient. To date there has not been an extensive analysis of the barriers to best practice for these frontline clinicians.

This research will aim to bridge this gap in knowledge. This study will establish key factors of delay for frontline clinicians in the management and delivery of timely care for suspected STEMI patients.

The research aims for this survey are the following;

  1. Emergency Department Triage Nurses and Paramedics will observe different individual, organizational and system barriers to timely STEMI management.
  2. There will be no difference in barriers experienced and observed by health care clinician according to whether their work is in rural or urban locations in Victoria.