Designing and conducting simulation. Tricks and tips

“Designing and conducting simulation – tricks and tips. It’s not all about the bells and whistle’s, low fidelity or high fidelity….it’s all learning”

Aim: The aim of this workshop is provide some tools , advice and practice for developing and implementing simulation in emergency departments to support the acquisition and rehearsal of skills and knowledge in paediatrics.

Background: The value of clinical simulation has become highly regarded in healthcare education and has been reported to enhance critical thinking, problem solving, clinical judgement and rapid response skills. In addition, evidence suggests that simulation greatly improves communication amongst staff, positively impacting on patient outcomes.

Overview of workshop: The purpose of the workshop is to provide an immersive experience for paediatric clinicians and educators in delivering department based simulation. Using simulation, the participants will be able to follow through a scenario the management and stabilisation of an acutely unwell child. Participants learning will be facilitated through participation and role modelling, and will cover the following components: how to direct, troubleshoot and debrief simulation. The scenario and workshop is applicable to those clinicians involved in the delivery of paediatric education in any setting, particularly those outside the tertiary centres.

Facilitators: Jane Cichero & Nadine Alcorn