Nearly 400 emergency nurses from around the world attended the conference to share, learn and enhance patient care and our amazing profession.

Thank you to the Conference Organisation Committee and Scientific Convenors from the NSW CENA Branch – over 70 presentations with keynote addresses from leading thinkers and visionaries, this was a truly inspiring event:

  • Wayne Varndell (Convenor)
  • Prof. Kate Curtis (Scientific Convenor)
  • Prof. Margaret Fry (Scientific Convenor)
  • Matt Lutze
  • Alanah Clements
  • Janine Garland
  • Michael Henley
  • Celine Hill
  • Claire Hutchinson
  • Belinda Munroe
  • Kate Ruperto

View the opening video from ICEN 2017

Ian Miller – What is the role of social media in clinical practice


Ian Miller being inducted as Honorary Fellow of the College of Emergency Nursing Australasia

Dr John Mackenzie – Transforming incidents into practical and affordable clinical change

Wayne Varndell – Clinical update 4: Procedural sedation

Dr David Caldicott – Clinical update 5: Illicit drugs