Western Australia Branch

President’s message

Welcome to the CENA WA webpage. On behalf of our membership, we are committed to working at both a State and National level on issues related to emergency care. We are keen to hear from our membership. If you would like to become more involved in committee work or if you have an issue/concern in which you would like us to become involved, please contact us at: wa@cena.org.au 

Branch Committee of Management members

 Name   Position  Profile 
Kane Guthrie President Clinical Nurse, ED SCGH
Lisa Gray Vice President Coordinator of Nursing, ED, SCGH
Kelly-Ann Hahn Secretary Clinical Nurse Specialist, ED, RPH
Carrie Sprigg Committee Member a/Staff Development Nurse, ED, FH
Lucia Gillman Committee Member Practitioner Scholar, RPH/Curtin University
Aleca Valzeboer  Committee Member  NM, FHS 
Kylie Fawcett Committee Member Staff Development Educator, Critical Care, RPH
Sarah-Louise Moyes  Committee Member   

Education and other events

The WA Branch of CENA is committed to promoting the educational pursuits of WA emergency nurses.  As those of us who work in this vast state will attest, this is not an easy task to overcome with ED nurses working far and wide from tertiary ED’s in the metro area and in towns as far south east as Esperance and North as Kununurra and over 3000km in between. If you believe that CENA can assist you to achieve your educational goals please contact us.

Educational Flyers

The WA Branch of CENA is in the process of developing a series of educational flyers exclusively for CENA members. These flyers are designed to assist those new to ED nursing with essential knowledge and provide a refresher for the experienced ED nurse.

These education flyers are available in the education section of this website, which can be reached

Details of CENA education opportunities and other events to be held in the State are available here

Royal College of Nursing Australasia events in West Australia can be found here
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